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With the month of April comes rain and the colors of Spring.
As the rain comes, please help keep the storm drains clear of debris. Over the winter fallen leaves, broken branches, and trash may have collected along the curbs could potentially get washed down the street. Stormwater management is just another of the challenges the city of St. Albans faces throughout the year. Now onto the colors of Spring.
 Each Spring as I travel through our city I am in awe of all the beautiful flowers. Many of these flowers are planted in public areas by volunteers. Their efforts don't go unnoticed by the citizens of our city.
Please join me in saying "Thank You" to all the volunteers that add their "green thumb" to the effort of making St. Albans so welcoming. Anyone seeking to help with the beautification projects for Spring, I am sure we can use you. Please call my office at 304-722-3391.

From the Mayor's Office
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