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The Holiday Season is nearly upon us -
St. Albans has been HOME to thousands of families over the years. Many of those families reflect generations who have called St. Albans HOME. We are proud of the heritage that our city demonstrates and we are thankful for all the volunteer citizens that pull together every year to make the city better.

November is a time to look back and remember how blessed we are to live in a beautiful city and state that allows us the freedom to cheer for our favorite sports team, worship the way we wish, and have a choice to stay or leave.

As you visit with family during the upcoming holiday season, I encourage you to share your memories and stories. Invite folks to come visit St. Albans so you can share some of your favorite places in the city.

Be sure to check out the Calendar of Events published in the monthly Chamber newsletter. November is going to be an exciting month!
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From the Mayor's Office
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