From the Desk of Mayor Callaway - October 2013

Mayor Dick Calloway The St. Albans Recycling program is alive and well, and has been so for several years. Misinformation has been circulating in the community that St. Albans no longer has a recycling program. That is not true. St. Albans was one of the first communities in the county to start the recycling effort. St. Albans has been recycling since 1993. Recently, the city, in partnership with the Coca Cola Company, ran a promotion encouraging residents to join in the recycling program and win prizes.

Some confusion may have come from the fact that the recycling center in Charleston closed for a period of time. When the Charleston center closed, Orville Browning, Director of Public Works, located another recycling center that would take certain items, which allowed the city to continue recycling paper and aluminum. At this time, negotiations are underway to once again start accepting glass and plastic.

Recycling centers will only take certain items based on the recycling market prices. At this time, the centers will take cardboard, newspapers, magazines, catalogs, white and colored paper, junk mail, books, telephone books, cereal and cardboard boxes, which need to be flattened before being placed in the recycling box. Other items that will be picked up and recycled include foil, aluminum cans and steel food cans. You are being asked to rinse all containers before placing them in your green recycling box. As always, Fridays are special pick up days for metal appliances, hot water tanks, stoves, refrigerators and other large items. Be sure to contact the City Garage at 304-722-4259 to schedule a pick up of any of these large items.

Area recycling centers at this time are not accepting glass or plastic because of the recycling market pricing. Consequently, those items cannot be accepted for recycling. However, at this time the city is in negotiation with West Virginia Recycling Service to find a solution to the problem.

Everyone is encouraged to recycle and your participation and cooperation is appreciated. Should you have questions or concerns, please call (304) 722-4259 ext.4.

St. Albans City Ordinance #953.11 is a requirement of the MS4 federally mandated storm water program. The ordinance states, no one shall throw, place or scatter garbage, rubbish, trash, grass clippings, leaves or yard debris over any premises, street, or alley, sewer or drainage basin, either public or private. Now that fall is on its way and grass cutting is still going on, it is most important that the leaves and grass clippings be kept out of the storm water drains and catch boxes. The Police Department will be enforcing this regulation in accordance with MS4 clean water federal mandate.

As a community let us all work together to make 2013 the best yet!

A Welcome from the Mayor

Mayor Dick Callaway wishes to welcome you to our fine city.  Mayor Callaway's vision for the City of St. Albans is:

To provide financially sound city and municipal utility commission operations while delivering quality service, and bring together all community resources to revitalize the economy, beauty, and pride in our city.


  • Ascertain the qualifications, talents, and ideas of current city employees
  • Develop an accountability system to deal with problems identified in the city
  • Have regular department head and staff meetings to maintain accountability in all areas of city services.
  • Continue to work with State, County, City, Chamber, Regional Development, and concerned citizens to establish St. Albans as a tourist destination for recreation, live theatre, and the arts.
  • Continue to work on the annexation of the surrounding areas.
  • Develop community friendly services.
  • Maintain an impartial, just and fair municipal court system.


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