From the Desk of Mayor Callaway - July 2014

Mayor Dick Calloway The City of St. Albans will be conducting competitive examinations for the purpose of hiring and maintaining a current list of applicants for the position of Probabtionary Police Officer. Completed applications will be accepted at the City Clerk's Office, 1499 MacCorkle Avenue, until 4:30 pm July 21, 2014. To download and print the application packet, click here.

Prospective applicants must turn in the completed application packet, and then must successfully complete a physical agility test, a written examination, a medical screening, and a background check for consideration as one of St. Albans' finest.

More details regarding application requirements and examination dates can be found within the application packet.

A Welcome from the Mayor

Mayor Dick Callaway wishes to welcome you to our fine city.  Mayor Callaway's vision for the City of St. Albans is:

To provide financially sound city and municipal utility commission operations while delivering quality service, and bring together all community resources to revitalize the economy, beauty, and pride in our city.


  • Ascertain the qualifications, talents, and ideas of current city employees
  • Develop an accountability system to deal with problems identified in the city
  • Have regular department head and staff meetings to maintain accountability in all areas of city services.
  • Continue to work with State, County, City, Chamber, Regional Development, and concerned citizens to establish St. Albans as a tourist destination for recreation, live theatre, and the arts.
  • Continue to work on the annexation of the surrounding areas.
  • Develop community friendly services.
  • Maintain an impartial, just and fair municipal court system.


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