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St. Albans Police DepartmentWelcome to the St. Albans Police Department. You can learn more about our department by going to our website at Our department currently employs 21 sworn officers and 7 civilian support staff who are eager to be of service to you. As you might expect, the law enforcement effort in our community depends largely upon citizen interest and participation. With the support and assistance of our citizens, St. Albans can proudly boast one of the lowest crime rates in the United States for cities of approximately 12,000 population.

The St. Albans Police Department emphasizes professionalism, integrity, and progress. The Department offers traditional law enforcement services to our community as well as innovative approaches to community problems.

All sworn officers employed by the St. Albans Police Department must pass a battery of examinations, both written and physical, to qualify as a candidate for probationary appointment. As a probationary officer, the candidate must attend and graduate from the West Virginia State Police Academy located at Institute, West Virginia. The course of study covers all aspects of police work and is 16 weeks in length. If the candidate successfully completes this requirement, he/she enters the yearlong probationary period where the officer receives training in the field from a senior officer and is evaluated on a regular basis to track his/her progress. Only after completing the required probationary period can a candidate be eligible for permanent appointment to the St. Albans Police Department.

Patrol Division

All officers begin their careers in the Patrol Division. Many officers prefer this assignment and it is not uncommon to have an officer spend his entire career in the Patrol Division. The work is diverse and forms the backbone of any law enforcement agency. Officers in this division are responsible for traffic enforcement, motor vehicle crash investigations, preliminary criminal investigations, and of course, response to emergency calls.

Criminal Investigation Division

Officers assigned to the Criminal investigation Division investigate crimes against persons and property. This includes burglary, auto theft, drug enforcement, intelligence, forgery, etc. Generally only seasoned veterans are assigned to this unit and the assignment is eagerly sought by highly motivated law enforcement officers.

Internal Affairs Division

Officers assigned to the Internal Affairs Division are responsible for conducting investigations of an internal nature. Policing ourselves means a higher level of professionalism for our department and better service to our community.

Special Response Team

Officers assigned to the Special Response Team are highly trained in the use of sophisticated tactics and weaponry. The SRT is responsible for hostage rescue, high risk arrests, search warrants, and other special tactical situations. A higher standard of mental and physical abilities is required for membership. The team trains on a regular basis and has assisted several other law enforcement agencies encountering high risk situations in the Charleston Metro Area.

Crime Prevention, Community & Media Relations

Officers assigned to this division are involved in organizing crime watch groups, making presentations to school and community groups, as well as acting as Public Information Officers & Media Relations Officers.

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